Selected software I have contributed to:

  • exSTRa - An R package for detecting repeat expansions in next-generation sequencing data. This software was developed for my PhD thesis.
  • R Warrior - An R game where you program an AI to complete each level of a tower.
  • methylAge - An R package for estimating age from epigenetic methylation data using existing DNA methylation age clocks.
  • linkdatagen - A Perl script for generating linkage style files from SNP chip and next-generation sequencing data.

Statistics, Data Science and R resources

  • R Bloggers - A collection of R blogs. I commonly come here for R advice and often wouldn’t be able to achieve things in R without it. The R blog on this site has been submitted to this feed.
  • edabit - A tool to learn programming languages by completing programming challenges. I’m currently using it to learn Python. Doesn’t support R at this stage.
  • Emi Tanaka - An Australian Statistician who has developed over 10 R packages. The site has a collection of very good talks.


  • Baba is You - A puzzle game where you change the rules. A logician’s delight and a genius of a game!
  • 140 - A minimalistic platformer with an electronic soundtrack that synchronizes with the game. I got quite a buzz playing this.
  • Ruby Warrior - The inspiration for R Warrior.